Taste of Unique Malabar Cuisines!

Real taste of Malabar Cuisines at Aditi

Aditi Special Menu

Kerala Sadhya

As an enterprise, to expand our menu, we have employed specialty chefs from East India in the recent years. We have published a brand new menu for guests who long to try the local cuisine of Kerala the way its intended to be served and consumed.Restaurant has coined the term ‘ADITI SPECIAL’ for this menu. The title fits perfectly as this is the exact menu as one would wish to have when they visit the amazing coastal Kerala.

Let us take you to the heart of Kerala cuisine. The Sadhya itself! It is an ample serving of rice surrounded by the following dishes.

Olan: a white gourd and coconut milk emulsion, seasoned with ginger and coconut oil.Parippu: A curry of lentils and dal, served first with rice along with a spoonful of ghee.Poppadoms: Disk shaped crispy fried addition made from seasoned dough.Pickles: Two or three varieties of seasoned pickles, commonly mango and lemon.Chips and jaggery fries: Banana and jaggery sweets.Rasam: A tamarind and tomato soup.Puli inji: Crushed ginger and green chillies added to tamarind.Pachadi: Gourds added to a gravy made of coconut grounded with mustard and chillies.Avial: Vegetables cooked to perfection with coconut gratings.

Sambar: A thick suspension of mashed dal, vegetables and lentils in vegetable stock, resembling a Western goulash.Kaalan: A dish prepared with sweet fruits, chillies, turmeric and coconut.Kichadi: A side salad with yoghurt and cooked vegetables.Thoran: Seasonal vegetables chopped and sautéed in coconut oil till golden brown.

Ada Payasam: A traditional take on milk pasta pudding.Pazham Pradhaman: Mashed banana and raisins in sweet jaggery sauce.